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Activity Library

A school is a vibrant community, filled with activities for students both on and off campus—in person and online.

Formation’s Activity Library pulls all your school activities into one place so students can see what’s happening, sign up, and add it to their schedules. No more sign up forms and spreadsheets to track who is doing what and when. Our scheduler can even help you find the best time.

Student Activities

Student-led clubs and activities are the glue of any great school community. Give students an easy way to promote their club activities, collect signups, and communicate with attendees while giving you the transparency and insight to be accountable.


School Activities

Pull all school events into one place and collect signups from students, parents, and others. Notifications, attendance, and links to your SIS for rostering centralize all the information and simplify the process.

Online Learning

There are so many wonderful resources that can help your school extend its learning opportunities. Formation imports activities from your partners for extended school day learning, and integrates with trusted online platforms to let students learn beyond your school walls. 


Formation recommends learning activities to students based on their interests, and can help advisors in college and career planning.

Capacity Management

Set a max for the number of signups allowed for an activity. For on-campus activities, prevent overcrowding by setting limits on how many people can be in a classroom at the same time.

Signup Priorities

Restrict signups for certain activities by class roster, enrollment groups, or other priorities.
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