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Dynamic Schedule Creation

One of the barriers to offering flexibility is finding the time for each student to do their own thing and ensuring it's the right thing.

Formation’s powerful scheduling algorithm supercharges flextime scheduling by allowing you to build a completely optimized schedule for each student, on demand. We integrate with your SIS to pull in each student's bell schedule, and then our algorithm fills in the gaps by finding the best date and time for each activity based on the activity type, the signup type, and all the conflicts and activities already happening on each attendees schedule.
Activity Weights
An algebra makeup test is more important than a chess club meeting. Our algorithm looks at all the things a student is signed up for and ensures that the most important things get scheduled. 
Existing Calendar Events
Formation integrates with your SIS and Google Calendar to pull in existing events and schedule around them to automatically prevent conflicts.
Formation can find the best room for each activity based on the number of signups. This optimizes your school's use of space and avoids the early land grab emails and last minute changes.
Take attendance in Formation and run reports to understand the full scope of how students are spending their time both in and outside of classes.
Formation can send messages to notify families when their student is late or absent from an activity on their schedule.
SIS Integration
Formation integrates with your SIS to pull in your course rosters and existing bell schedule. Attendance information to support ADA reporting can also be sent.
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