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Student-Driven Learning in

the Classroom,

the Zoomroom,

and the World.

We're helping schools launch, manage, and scale flextime and beyond the bell activities to supercharge self-directed learning. 
Why Us

We’ve helped build amazing companies like SchoolMint, AltSchool, and GrubHub. Today, alongside Design Tech High School—what WIRED Magazine called “The Ultimate Incubator”—we’re creating an entirely new way for students and teachers to co-create individualized learning experiences.

Powering Your School

for the New Normal

Flextime Management and Scheduling

Whether an hour every day or once a week, what students do during flextime matters. Give them the freedom to create their own activities, or sign up for teacher created activities. Formation ensures that students are scheduled for only those activities that help them towards learning goals.

Student Interests and Tasks

Evidence shows that students who have agency over what and how they learn are more engaged and successful. With Formation, students can specify their interests, get matched to activities based on those interests, and create task lists to work towards their goals.

Learning Beyond Four Walls

So much of learning happens beyond the classroom.  If your school offers concurrent enrollment, credit for online resources, internships, or allows students to enroll in online learning through Coursera, Udacity, or other platforms, Formation brings the signup and registration process into one place, helping you connect the dots, manage expectations, and track progress.

Our Solutions

We're Changing the Way Learning Happens

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